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Shaheen Solomon brings almost 20 years of marketing, branding, and public relations experience in federal, state, and local governments as a talented and multifaceted professional.

As a well-rounded communications and public relations specialist, Shaheen Solomon has developed and implemented targeted economic development and constituent facing public relations plans, generating documented growth through the creation of informative and fact driven publications.

Further, his career spans into philanthropy, community development, and community engagement, having served in similar leadership roles with higher education institutes, state, and local county government officials and organizations as a strategic lead.

Shaheen Solomon specializes in developing creative and strategic public relations and communications plans that effectively relay the purpose and goals of clients, amplifying meaningful content geared towards educating and informing its intended audiences.

Consulting Services

  • PR Strategy

  • Crisis Management

  • Press Release

  • Thought Leadership

  • Newswire

  • Media Relations

  • Speech Writing

  • Media Training

  • Media Monitoring

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